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Lighthouse Orphan
Homo sapiens

A shy young girl who is a new arrival to the orphanage. She is hesitant to talk until convinced by Jade and states her name is Zaza. She likes to spend time alone and will go out at night and sleep by the tree on the cliff near the lighthouse. Other than being shy, Zaza seems to be very kind.

Zaza is short and has pale skin and short,dark red hair that is parted over her right eye. Zaza wears a green bandana, an orange-striped long sleeve shirt and a dark green dress.


  • It is very possible that Zaza's bandana is actually Jade's, they are extremely similar, both sporting light and dark green vertical stripes, however Zaza's is slightly paler in colour. It was perhaps given to Zaza by Jade for reassurance and as an act of kindness.