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Lighthouse Orphan
Homo sapiens

Yoa is a homo sapien who lives among the six orphans at the lighthouse. She has blue hair, pale-blue skin, facial markings under her eyes, and she wears a long white dress. Yoa can usually be found staring into the sea or walking near the lighthouse's tree. Yoa initially spoke only a foreign language and was a very reserved person, but slowly began to learn from the other children as she became more comfortable with her surroundings.

Yoa was seemingly knowledgeable of the Beluga and the secret access method before Jade. She attempted to relay, in broken tongue, how she witnessed Pey'j look on the bottom of his Jet-Boots for the password to type into the console. Whether she was viewed as trustworthy by Pey'j or was simply unnoticed by him due to her quiet nature is unknown.