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Once you have collected all of the pearls, the Mammago Brothers will send you an email telling you that they have sent you a disk for a game (still in production) that they want you to try out. It is in the form of an Mdisk.

The game was made by Issam. When started, the game opens up with a 'menu' with the logo 'YO! Pearl' above and a picture of Issam, the creator of the game, to the left. When played, the objective of the game is move two pearls corresponding to the two analogue sticks through the obstacles that progressively get harder and faster. You control both pearls, left and right, making this quite challenging and off-putting.


YoPearl Gameplay

The controls are simple, left stick controls the left pearl and your right stick controls the right. However you can cross the pearls over to the opposite sides of the screen but the corresponding control stick remains the same (So the right pearl would become the left pearl but still be controlled by the right stick and vice versa for the left pearl)

There is no in-game point to playing this, other than as a leisurely reward for getting all pearls.

On the HD edition of the game, your right stick is inverted, making the game much harder.


  • Either due to mistake or oversight, while the menu of the mdisk states that Issam created the game, the image of Babukar is shown.
  • The score you gain on this game attributes to your internet code and has an impact on your ranking on the Beyond Good & Evil Darkroom.