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Transport unit xb 24-article
XB-24 Robot (Transport Unit)
Race NA
Type Synthetic
Faction Alpha Section
Armament none
Abilities Surveillance
Locations Nutripils,Slaughterhouses

Before the governmental take-over by the Alpha Section, the XB-24 Robot's primary functions were programmed to the transportation of small objects.

The Alpha Section reprogammed their circuits to other functions, such as surveillance, sometime before 2435. They also applied light armor on the units, making them combat ready. As of 2435, they are strictly used as surveillance units, stationed in several Alpha Section-authorized places, such as the Nutripils Factory and the Old Slaughterhouses.


The XB-24 units are programmed to attack in combat-form (Destruction Procedure) when provoked/breached, and change to a more mobile form; they can roll around and chase their target on foot. They can inflict serious damage if they glow red, and become invulnerable while doing so. It is best to inflict damage while they are vulnerable in the air.

The units explode on contact with electricity: so knocking them into electrical barrers destroy them instantly.