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Canis canis
Beyond Good & Evil

Woof is Jade's loveable and very playful pet dog. He lives inside the Lighthouse shelter along with Jade, Pey'j and all the orphans. His long and white fur looks very shaggy and unkempt, and he constantly has his tongue sticking out of his mouth. He also has big square teeth, a huge black nose, pointy ears, a small and short tail, and legs similar to a rhino's. His eyes are constantly hidden behind locks of fur. When sitting down, Woof is practically as tall as Jade.


Woof is a gentle dog that loves to play and laze around the Lighthouse, both inside and outside. He can often be seen having a nap in the grass or in his reserved spot on the second level of the tower, in a little alcove just big enough for him to lie down. Although Woof is of a tranquil and loving nature, he can also be very mischievous at times. He loves to play with Jade, as seen when he darts away with a box of K-Bups that she attempted to swipe away from him, thus engaging a playful chase. He also enjoys chasing after ladybugs.

Woof also appears to be very loyal to Jade; at the beginning of the game, when she awakens from a fainting spell, Woof is there along with the children of the shelter patiently waiting for her to wake up. This may indicate that Jade has been Woof's owner for an extended period of time, although it is never specified how she came to own him in the first place.

Although Woof does not show much interaction with the orphans of the Lighthouse, it is presumed that he gets along with everyone because of his playful nature.


  • Woof's name is taken directly from the usual barking sound a dog makes.
  • He is nicknamed "flea bag" by Jade.
  • He is the only one that escapes the raid of the Lighthouse near the end of the game.
  • He is the only known Canis canis specimen on Hillys.
  • Although it is currently unknown what sort of dog breed Woof belongs to, he is most likely based on the Bergamasco Shepherd, a breed to which he shares many similarities, mostly because of his fur.