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  • Scientific Name: Walrus sapiens (Walrus humanoid);
  • Fact: Males usually have longer and thicker tusks;
  • Location: In Ming-Tzu's shop, pedestrian district of Hillys City;
  • Worth: 300 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "The inventory is coming along. Thanks again..."


The Walrus sapiens are quite rare creatures that only appear in the city. Only two are seen in the entire game: Ming-Tzu, a shopkeeper at the fountain square, and Xiao, a local resident walking around the pedestrian district.

Like their name implies, these humanoids are fashioned after the walrus. They have brown skin, two long tusks hanging out from their mouth, a flat nose, dark eyes, and some whiskers. They also have three fingers on each hand instead of five. They have very deep voices, though it is possible that this only applies to males. They seem to hail from a place similar to (or that is) China since they wear traditional Chinese garments. However, they do not have an accent when they speak.

They are obviously based on the real-life walrus of the Arctic Ocean.