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  • Scientific Name: Vorax nocturnus (Night vorax);
  • Fact: Like their scientific name implies, they are nocturnal creatures;
  • Location: At the Lighthouse before the shield is restored, Nutripils factory entrance;
  • Worth: 500 units;
  • SC Comment: "Vorax... We're seeing more and more of them these days..."


The vorax are vicious predatory creatures that have the ability to fly. They are always hungry and will take any living thing for prey, even humans. They live in secluded places and only come out at night, though some can be seen active during the day in dimly lit places (such as the Nutripils factory entrance).

When the shield/electricity of the Lighthouse shelter is cut off at the beginning of the game, a group of these creatures will wander around the area in search for food. Jade can snap a picture of them early here if she heads out of the house before turning the force field back on. The vorax can't break through an active shield, which can completely pulverize them on a single touch.

Physically, the vorax look like blue fanged fish with sharp fins and are about the same size as the crochax. When ready to attack, their eyes will glow a bright red. They will then lunge forward and defeat their prey with a single bite.

Their name may come from the real-life Aspius vorax, a freshwater fish found in Iraq. It might also be a pun related to the French adjective "vorace", which translates to "voracious".