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IRIS Network - The Beyond Good and Evil Wiki


Priority message from chief

Start decrypting protocol: level: defcon 1 - priority: critical Subject: Hillyan revolution

From: CC: Hillyan database users To: CastellacImposter@akudabar.cow

-start triangulation tracker Location tracked... receiving info.... pending...... succesful Intel decrypted

Fellow supporters of spoonerism,

So a few days ago, I took the liberty to promote our wiki by typing a introduction and adding some pictures to the promotion application of wikia.

I am happy to announce that the IRIS Network - The Beyond Good & Evil wiki has made the frontpage of

However, the wiki's on the frontpage are randomly generated, but eventually, you will come across the wiki.

I also want to announce that we are now one of the first wiki's that come up while searching for: 'Beyond Good & Evil' on the search bar.

I want to encourage everybody to continue contributing to the wiki as much as possible!

We have to expose the conspiracy, and capture the truth!

Wild Boar