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'Michel Ancel, the man that was responsible for Beyond Good & Evil, expects to work on on-hold ''''projects, like Beyond Good & Evil 2 in the coming time. Michel Ancel stated this during the Ubisoft Digital Days in Paris in front of the camera of

"The project was actually put on hold; We never intended to work so much on Rayman", as Michel Ancel explained in the interview with Tweakers, of which a fragment can be viewed here. The lead designer behind Rayman says that the time has come to go back to 'such projects', however, it was an interesting experience to develop a game for the Nintendo Wii U, which may yet explain the next-gen delay for Beyond Good & Evil 2 (If that is still anything to go by).


In another interview with, as can be seen at the end of this blogpost, Michel Ancel explained the following about Beyond Good & Evil 2: "I want Beyond Good & Evil 2 to be dynamic in the sense that you'll have more freedom in your investigations". One year ago, Michel said that Beyond Good & Evil (as we know it), was only but a mere 1/3 of what was the first chapter of the Beyond Good & Evil trilogy-- this was mainly due to technical limitations of the hardware. Michel explained that he envisioned Beyond Good & Evil to be a game without limitations: traveling to various planets throughout the universe á la Mass Effect, wandering around an open-world (Which I believed was great for what it was in Beyond Good & Evil), and dynamic gameplay that, although scripted, still gives you plenty of options for yourself. He also said that he is not sure whether the Wii U could handle what Michel Ancel envisions for Beyond Good & Evil 2, him stating that he wants to develop for the 'real next-gen hardware'.

What can we speculate from this article?

  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 won't see shelves for atleast 2 more years.
  • The Wii U could be a potential platform for Beyond Good & Evil 2.
  • This IRIS Newsflash blogpost thingy is pretty awesome.

Video Interviews

Gameblog interview

French interview, explains alot on the current situation of Beyond Good & Evil 2

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