Pretty excited for BGE2.

I played through BGE and reminded myself it's incomplete and instead of an HD version, they should have released a 1.5 version with their completed story and a hundred million more hours of play-time/story. But 2 looks intense (if only because of the way the trailers were edited). I'm interested in knowing how character customization affects gameplay and story.

I've got a secret to share between just the two of us, you and I: I don't have a PS4 and am not really intent on getting it for PC because I run Linux. I tried running the original PC version and it was terrible. Had to get a PS2 iso and emulate it. Much better, but no way to twitch-stream it because of the way the video buffers shared data. Terrible!

Anyway, Thanks Ubisoft, for reviving a great story and a great game!

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