IRIS Network - The Beyond Good and Evil Wiki
IRIS Network - The Beyond Good and Evil Wiki

Welcome to the page of IRISNetwork, the founder and aministrator of the IRIS Network- The Beyond Good & Evil wiki. Along with the help of user and admin, ZyLogic, we plan on gaining the trust of the community and grow in popularity, so more members will join and help fight the good fight.

The wiki was created because all the others dedicated to this wonderful game were extremely mediocre, and we plan on creating a wiki that will get bigger and better and hopefull will soon be acknowledged by Ubisoft themselves.

If all goes to plan, then the popularity of this wiki would show Ubisoft that a BGE trilogy is something the fans want and are willing to much so much effort into themselves, via the wiki. This is a very big thinking plan, but its worth a shot; lets shoot for the moon, even if we miss we will land amongst the stars.

So get the word out there BGE fans, let make this thing official.

Keep filing


IRISNetwork 15:38, August 8, 2012 (UTC)