This year hasn't been a paticulary busy year for the IRIS Network, but it has been a fulfilling one.

We have aquired a new Admin, ZyLogic, who has been an absolute blast to work with.

The wiki reach over 160 pages, that's more pages than any other BGE wiki out there.

We aquired the URL, making us, by name, the official wiki of BGE.

The rival wiki has been taken down and the URL now redirects here, putting us on top of google.

Now, i realise we don't have the biggest wiki community yet, and without a community, there is only so much a few editors can do, but i am extremely happy with the progress we have made, and am looking forward to next year, and what we can accomplish once we get this wiki known throughout fans of Beyond Good and Evil.

While your at it, if there is any aspiring artists out there, get on to Deviant Art and follow the official Beyond Good and Evil deviant art group: Deviant Art BGE Club

My page can be found here to, but don't expect much: IRISNetwork Deviant Art

We hope you guys have had a great year, and you are looking forward to the next (OR we hope you have a good apocalypse on Friday, just laying out the options)

Merry christmas and a happy new year, from the IRIS Network

Keep filing!

IRISNetwork (talk) 19:53, December 17, 2012 (UTC)

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