Hello Agents,

The Wiki hasn't had any news or a blog for a while, and its also the anniversary of a very sad moment in Human history.

So I thought today is as good as any to give the Wiki a bit of a redesign in certain areas and update you guys with what's new, because despite the efforts of all the evil people in the world, we can't let them deter the progress of the modern world, or they've already won.

Today I updated the site with some new graphics and designs, including the Wiki Bar at the top of the page, and the Navigation Bar, I put all my effort into creating them and I think the final product looks pretty nice, however i'm not sure if they have worked out properly on other computers, i'll need some third-person confirmation. As always you guys should let me know what you think and what we should update.

Michel Ancel has yet to make any more comments on the progress of BGE2, but i've played his newest project Rayman: Legends and I must say, it is simply brilliant, although one can only wonder what exactly Ancel's team is up to now.

Unfortunately there isn't much news but you can be sure that once there is you can hear it here ASAP from The Beyond Good & Evil Wiki.

So keep tuned, and remember those that have fallen, the world isn't black and white, despite how they paint it in the news, it is morally beyond good and evil, so keep asking the questions whilst we provide the latest information on the game that inspires us all to keep asking those questions in the first place.



IRISNetwork (talk) 18:32, September 11, 2013 (UTC)

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