The IRIS Network is happy to announce that we have partenered up with the Revolutionaries of the Rayman World, Rayman Pirate-Community! The biggest Rayman community on the seven seas of the interwebs!

As most of you know before Michel Ancel (the creator of our beloved Beyond Good and Evil) actually created Beyond Good and Evil, he created Rayman, and Rayman 2... and Rayman M. He then went on to create Rayman 3 roughly around the same time as BGE, and follow it up with the first Raving Rabbid game, which wasn't all that bad, but then made the decision to follow it up with a quality-debatable Rabbid series. He finally then went to on to make the brilliant Rayman Origins, and has just finished Rayman Legends. Rayman has spawned spin-offs, adaptions and even a not-so-popular TV series! With some of the most recognizable characters and biggest fanbases in Videogame history, Rayman truly is a is a favorite of gamers all over the world and a major landmark of Videogame culture for all time!

And we still don't have a Beyond Good and Evil sequel.

But in all seriousness, we coudn't be happier with this new affiliation, bringing two of Michel Ancels franchises and mixing and matching their respective communities is wonderful and hopefully will help create new friendships and alliances. Perhaps Rayman fans can come to love Beyond Good and Evil as we have and vice-versa! I have been a fan of the Rayman games personally for years and can speak for their charming and otherwordly gameplay, Beyond Good and Evil actually began as a glitch in Rayman 2, so you know its all good!

From the Pirate Community you can access exclusive information and recourses from the Rayman games by visiting the RayWiki, RayTunes and many other RayAffiliates, also don't forget to get involved in the forums, which has one of the most colourful and alive communities I have ever been a part of, so I'm speaking from personal experience! Basically go get your fill of all the Rayman-related rewards you can reap (those are all the words I can think of that begin with R) over at Rayman Pirate-Community!

Here is to a fruitful partnership with the guys over at the PC, from your friends at the IRIS Network.


IRISNetwork (talk) 22:52, September 18, 2013 (UTC)

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