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Hello Agents,

After at least a year of fruitless endeavours attempting to contact the elusive Nimitz3d, founder of the BG&E Myth, our Admin ZyLogic happened to strike up a conversation with him during a Twitch stream, and low and behold he finally found our little ever-growing database in the corner of the internet and contacted us.

Myself and Nimitz have come to a friendly arrangement, and now I can announce that the IRIS Network and BG&E Myth are officially Affiliates! Seeing as BG&E Myth are able to get Beyond Good and Evil news considerably faster that any other source out there, with Nimitz's permission we have been allowed to reference their articles when News is announced, and get it posted here on the Wiki for you guys, alternatively you could just go to BG&E Myth to read it, but were not all gifted in la langue Française! (Myself included, so the previous phrase was probably all balderdash).

And along with the fact that Beyond Good and Evil is now 10 years old, I would say this year will be one to look forward to, hopefully we can expect many surprises! (Got my fingers crossed for the VGX in a couple of days!)

Remember to keep tuned, especially as you can expect us to have much more news announcements than usual with our new found-fellowship with the BG& Myth!


IRISNetwork (talk) 00:01, December 1, 2013 (UTC)