Today, on the site Nintendo Enthusiast, it was said that a game, with the description of being 'the sequel to a commercial flop', but 'built up a fanbase' has been axed, here is direct quote from the page itself:

"However, we had a staff member at DICE and he heard about a game cancellation on Wii U and after putting the pieces together we’re fairly confident that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is the game that fits the description. The game was a sequel to a game that flopped commercially but built up a fanbase over time. It was in development for Wii U and the hope was to “up-port” it to future consoles for launch but things looked risky from the business end.

The two reasons given for the cancellation of the project were:

1) Sales of Wii U were too low in Europe, where the publisher was looking to get a significant amount of the game sales.

2) The publisher heard the pricing of one future console from the console’s maker and got scared that penetration of the console at launch might be too low due to the economy.

Taking such a gamble was too much at the moment for the publisher and they axed development of the entire project. So, Rayman Legends was delayed and turned multi-platform, Beyond Good & Evil 2 got the axe for all systems, but Watch Dogs and Rainbow Six: Patriots are definites. As well, as Deus Ex HR."

The validity of this article cannot be said to be 100%, but it looks true enough to break our hearts. If it is true, it doesn't mean to say Michel Ancel will just let his baby slide, Beyond Good & Evil is a vital part of Ubisoft's and Michel Ancel's portfolio, so whether this is the end of our 11 year wait, or not, be sure to tune in to the IRIS Network, for more informaton.

Still holding our breath with you, the people, we are the IRIS Network

IRISNetwork (talk) 15:01, February 14, 2013 (UTC)

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