At E3 2013 Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, has remarked on the image of Pey'J that was published not too long before E3 on Ubisoft's Facebook page, causing much speculation betweens the community that the long awaited Beyond Good and Evil 2 was something Ubisoft was ready to 'offically' announce and showcase. Yves Guillemot has stated that the image was simply of a "classic character" and "wasn't meant to be a tease".

"It was just part of our promotion in the run-up to E3," Guillemot said in an interveiw with VentureBeat "homaging some of the characters from our past.

"I think that was maybe misinterpreted. I think the first game was exceptional, and people remember the experience they had, so they would like to see it again.

"We had a period where we had a demo that went out before it was quite ready, so everybody saw something that appealed to them. That's why I think they keep expecting something. But I can't say much more than that."

Talking of course of the Video that was released in 2008 at Ubidays, which began the real Beyond Good and Evil sequel infatuation.

File:Beyond Good & Evil 2 Xbox 360 Trailer - Teaser

"There are some works on it," Allain Corre told Eurogamer "There are some iterations on it. Now, some games are taking longer to be done, depending also on the creativity the creator can bring. You see the level of quality of the games today is very high. It takes time to find the right angle and message."

"It's true that the trailer we showed years ago, in the desert with the pig sneezing and flies still resonates very well. These kind of brands are part of Ubisoft's DNA."

And finishing with a very debatable line.

"It will happen when it will be perfect."

And when will it be perfect I ask? Obviously fans would rather wait for the game to be finished at the highest quality of content it can possibly be, but this will be a rather long time considering Ancel is still focusing on his other franchises such as Rayman: Legends. Because at the moment it feels as if Ancel has not had much input into development considering how busy he has been of late.

We hope Ancel does soon put some time aside for BGE2, only then will it be perfect.

As of ever, keep tuned to, the truth, direclty from the IRIS Network, to you.

IRISNetwork (talk) 16:45, June 22, 2013 (UTC)

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