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    June 7, 2018 by IRISNetwork

    We work together as one.

    Go back in time and tell the kid sitting in his living room, playing his Uncle's new playstation game, that he bought on a whim, that for the next 15 years, this experience you are having right now, will define a good portion of who you are, the values that you hold, the stories that you eventually wish to tell. For 15 years you will champion this game and this world and these characters, you will champion it's right to continue, for this world to live, and for these characters stories to be told.

    He'd probably say 'Get out of the way, i'm taking a picure of this pig man.'.

    Beyond Good & Evil has been a part of me for as long as I can remember, it's the game that inspired me to make games and tell stories. For the lon…

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    SMP Report live stream!

    December 6, 2017 by IRISNetwork

    "The first SMP Report live stream! Find out what the Space Monkeys and dev team have been up to..."


    December 7th, 6 PM CET

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    Hello everyone!

    Just wanted to post a quick announcment that we have a new agent joining our ranks, SuperBiscotCOT, who is the moderator of the french Beyond Good and Evil forums, has been made admin!

    He will be helping us keep up to date with all announcments and news that seem to be snowballing their way to the fans! As well as helping us with english-french translation where he can :)

    Please welcome him with big open arms!


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  • IRISNetwork

    Hello IRIS Network.

    I want to emulate Michel Ancel's words when I say congratulations and thank you to everybody who has waited patiently for this game. 

    I may have more words soon but right now I am speechless. We are going to have our work cut out for us soon guys, it's all hands on deck.

    Here we go.


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  • IRISNetwork

    Well, ambiguous and fictional question asker, i'll tell you!

    This blog post will just be about me venting about what i've been up to, why i've not been around these parts in a long while, and possibly a bit about the future.

    I've been quiet lately when it comes to this wiki, for... probably about a year, or more? 2 years?

    I've not forgot about BGE, by any means, i've recently decided to pick it up again, especially since you can now play the HD version on Xbox One! Happy days!

    I know there have been tidbits of Beyond Good and Evil related news here and there, but i've been so busy with Uni, personal life, other hobbies, and such, that i've just been enjoying reading these bits of news whenever I come across them, as a curious fan, rather than …

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