Message to every woman all over the world. 

You are worth it.

You are unique.

You are a diamond.

You are not an option.

I am not an option

I am not a back up plan

I am not allowable to be edited

I am the best version of me.

I am who I am

Proud of flaws.. wrinkles.

See me insane.. Complicated.. Abnormal..

Walk away.. Or get closer.. It is up to you.

Accept me or don't.

But don't even dare thinking I would shake.

I see perfections in my imperfections.

Call me overbearing!

If you can't handle me. I am quite sure the door is widely opened allowing you to leave.

Oh.. But stop giving yourself noble names, because as I know nobility is not a word or two.

It is an attitude.. It is a series of manners.

Please learn how to be a noble, if you simply lack knowledge.

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