Welcome to my page.

I feel honoured to be an admin of this wiki, and particulary, adding my knowlegde to it.

I have been playing Beyond Good & Evil since 2003, and it is still one of my favourite adventure games. I own the game on: Nintendo Gamecube,Sony Playstation 2, Windows PC. I also purchased the HD-release last year for the Sony PlayStation 3, so it is safe to say that I am a huge fan; a very knowledgable one at that.

I like to be clear, so pages that i am editing will not be done instanteneously, but instead, I will add up to it from time to time. This is because alot of pages aren't yet created. So when I am editing one page, I come across a place, character or item that has not yet been stated on this wiki--making the work go merely slow. Eventhough I enjoy adding my knowledge of the game to this wiki, it wold deserve alot more views and recognition (to me.)

If you prefer to discuss a matter on a page that you think is contradicting, feel free to post this on my talk page.

What I do for the WikiEdit

  1. Creating,editing and maintaining articles
  2. Creating templates such as the spoiler templates.
  3. Keep the DomZ out

My favorite pagesEdit

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