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Units are the common currency in Beyond Good & Evil. Usually, those are used to buy Items at several vending machines and some merchants within the game. The player is able to get Units by collecting Materia Crystals or by completing several tasks within the game where Units are rewarded such as creating photographs of undocumented lifeforms on the planet.


Units are stored on the Easy-Unit Card (Credit Card). The amount of Units is visualized via a number next to the Credit Card icon by performing a check at any vending machine/shop or looking in the inventory.

Pearls as the secondary currency[]

Besides, Units there are also Pearls which act as secondary currency for a Vehicle Upgrade Shop (Mammago Garage) within the game. Pearls are required to progress through several sections in the game.

Buying Pearls with Units[]

Usually, Pearls need to be collected around the game world, but there is a small number of Pearls the player is able to buy with Units in the city depending on how far the story progressed. The NPCs selling the Pearls are Nouri at "Nouri's Garden" and Ming Tzu at "Ming Tzu's Shop" .