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  • Scientific Name: Trilobites saltans (Bacteria trilobite);
  • Fact: They feed on debris and waste;
  • Location: At the entrance and inside the slaughterhouses;
  • Worth: 1100 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Okay, I've filed the picture."


The trilobites are aggressive creatures that will leave Jade alone until she trespasses on their territory. One of them can be found at the entrance of the slaughterhouses while a whole colony of them can be confronted inside the third sector of the facility. Their name comes from the fact that they live in places full of bacteria.

These creatures have a spiked, round body and long pointed tails. Five yellow horns stick out from their backs. They have a total of three glowing eyes with no irises, the one in the middle slightly bigger than the two others. Although they move around by crawling on the ground, they are very agile. When they fight, they fiercely bite their prey and leap over it in order to avoid its attacks. The entire colony usually goes after foes as a group, which can quickly overwhelm intruders. However, the individuals are not very resistant and can be defeated with just a few hits.

They are obviously based on the real-life trilobite, an extinct species of marine arthropods.