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Toy'l was a character involved in an early iteration of the game very similar to the final one, but with a few significant changes. In this incarnation, Toy'l was a member of a foreign species known as the DomZ (who were actually a peaceful race, but portrayed as 'bloodthirsty' by Hillyan propaganda).

Toy'l was captured by the Nazh, the actual antagonist alien species who pretended to be the guardians of Hillys so they could perform secret human trafficking operations. He was rescued by Jade and Double H when they travelled through a portal which linked to, presumably, the Nazh planet. Toy'l claims to have known Jade's parents and even met Jade when she was a baby. He then reveals to Jade a power dwelling within her that she had been unaware of. In the presence of Toy'l for the time being, she can generate a psy-field barrier to protect herself. When he, Jade and Double H find Pey'j, Toy'l heals Pey'j of his Nazh infection and helps him, Jade and Double H to broadcast the truth of the Nazh and Alpha Sections to the Hillyan population. When Jade defeated the High Priest, Toy'l also helped heal the Hillyans captured by the Nazh.

At the end of the game Toy'l is now on Hillys with his new companions, but continues to worry for his own people, who are still vulnerable to the not-yet-defeated Nazh, leaving this version of Beyond Good & Evil on a much more negative note than the current version, despite Hillys' new-found freedom.