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  • Scientific Name: Timorea saponifera (Jumping bubble parasite);
  • Fact: Like its name states, it has the ability to produce bubbles;
  • Location: Inside the slaughterhouses;
  • Worth: 800 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "It's going very well... Good hunting!!"


The bubble flea is a tiny little creature that can only be found inside the slaughterhouses, more specifically inside the trolley entrance. It can be quite difficult to photograph since it moves around in fast, hectic hops. Whenever Jade approaches it, it will hide in a corner behind some crates. The only way to lure it out is to launch a gyrodisk in its direction and quickly snap a shot before it hides again.

This creature is extremely small, about the size of a tiny pebble. Its body is entirely blue and produces a trail of blue bubbles. These bubbles quickly disappear after being made.

It is possibly based on the real-life flea because of its miniscule size and its habit of jumping from place to place.