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21st - 24th Century[]

  • 2040 - Golden Age of Science - Propulsion Engine Developed
  • 2063 - Network, Data Centers, AI becomes dangerous.
  • 2086 - First talking Hybrid, Pey'j E527
  • 2108 - Expedition to systems 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 is launched.
  • 2225 - Ganesha City was founded.
  • 2314 - Ship with Humans and Hybrids massacred. First instance in System 3.
  • 2360 - Golden Age of Piracy - System 3 becomes rich through goods, trades and slavery.
  • 2385 - Pey'j is born.
  • 2399 - Double H is born.
  • 2415 - Jade is born.
  • Post 2415 - The events of Beyond Good & Evil 2 occur.

Unknown Era (2415-2435)[]

  • Jade is entrusted to Pey'j as her caretaker by Jade's parents.
  • Due to serious problems with the authorities, Pey'j leaves his former planet, taking the newborn Jade with him. They arrive at Hillys, where Pey'j builds the Lighthouse Shelter.
  • Wild Boar commands the IRIS Network to station an underground headquarters in Hillys.
  • The DomZ, an intergalactic space-faring alien race, inevitably invadeSystem 4.
  • The Alpha Section arrives at Hillys, claiming to be dispatched with order to secure peace throughout the galaxy; General Kehck is responsible for Hillys' security. The organization takes over Hillys' military system.

The War on Hillys[]


  • The DomZ invade Hillys. HTV News' Fehn Digler announces that the war has arrived at the gates of Hillys.

The first DomZ invasion

  • Optima Service fails to direct their electrical supplies to clients. Shields fail to work during the invasion, causing massive damage to Hillys City, Mammago Garage and the Lighthouse Shelter.
The events of Beyond Good & Evil occur.