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The Hillyan Word is the prime news channel of Hillys. The news corporation provides subscriptions for Hillyans to read the latest news. As of late, the subscription can be bought at the magazine subscription stand located in Hillys City's Pedestrian District. The news is spread via the mailing system, which can be asked through any S.A.C-device.

The corporation appears to be a supporter of the Alpha Section prior to there arrival on Hillys sometime before 2435, and is radically opposed towards the IRIS Network, claiming their activities are acts of terrorism.


Mail 1[]

Upon subscribing to the magazine

You have chosen to subscribe
to the Hillyan Word:
For the Informed Citizen.

Mail 2[]

While on Black Isle

two days ago, in the west quarter.
Without the aid of the courageous
Alpha Sections, the toll would
have been even higher.
The recruiting campaign tensifies.

Mail 3[]

After IRIS 513 is produced

Terrorist strike atttempted
by the IRIS Network
at the municipal Nutripils Factory.
Thanks to the Alpha Sections,
the production line was fortunately
saved and a part of the gang of hoodlums were imprisoned.

Mail 4[]

After IRIS 514 is produced

The IRIS Network terrorists
have been spreading slander
against the Alpha Sections,
The so-called photographic evidence
that have been appearing
in their underground newsletter
are nothing more than elaborate fakes

Mail 5[]

After the Hillyan Revolt

The truth has finally been revealed
by our trustworthy colleagues from
the IRIS Network. The Hillyan People
have joined forces to drive
the Alpha Sections out of Hillys.
Once again, the honorable journalistic
profession was able to show that it
had a preponderant role in history.