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Bge beluga in hangar article

The Beluga is one of few flying-vessels capable of space-travel, and the second controlable vehicle, being at the same time the only flying. It is powered by the hovercraft, and was constructed by Pey'j and Jade's father sometime before or 2415. The Beluga was used to move Jade from her homeworld to Hillys. The ship is found in the hangar underneath the Lighthouse shelter


The Beluga was constructed sometime before or after Jade's birth in 2415.

Discovering by Jade and Double H[]

When at the factory, Pey'j gave Jade an Mdisk. After Pey'j was kidnapped by the Alpha Section, his Jet-Boots were confiscated from him. After taking the boots, Jade watched the Mdisk. It contained Pey'j talking about the Beluga. At the end, he told Jade, that this information might help her fly it one day. When back at the Lighthouse, Jade looked under the Jet-Boots, revealing the codes. When the codes were typed into two hidden panels, the Beluga would reveal.


The Beluga is used to:

  • Get to unreachable places (such as the Volcano)
  • Get to the Moon (After buying the engine from Mamaggo)