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  • Scientific Name: Teratosaurus imperator (Monstrous lizard emperor);
  • Fact: The term "imperator" means "commander" or "emperor" in Latin;
  • Location: At different points of the game after upgrading the hovercraft;
  • Worth: 2000 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Transmission received... I'll file it right away."


The Teratosaurus Imperators are the largest and most dangerous of the DomZ. They can travel from Selene to Hillys with no problem at all and can fly for an indeterminate amount of time. These monsters are sent to destroy the cargo ships loaded with supplies, such as food and materia crystals, that the Hillyans need to survive. Jade must fight several of them in the game, though they come with a slightly different battle pattern each time (the last one going as far as to fly out of territorial waters and over Hillys City).

Quite skeletal in appearance, their long bodies are a cross between a serpent and a centipede. When attacked, they drop DomZ bombs and torpedoes on the water's surface, and can also spout lasers from their mouths. If hit repeatedly by the hovercraft's lasers, a small portion of their bodies will fall off. Jade must shoot them from the tip of their tails all the way to their heads in order to get rid of them. As long as the head remains untouched, the DomZ serpent will keep moving.

They will attack Hillys three times: after Jade buys a new engine for the hovercraft, after completing the slaughterhouses mission, and after launching the spaceship for the first time. It is quite hard to snap a clear shot of them since they constantly wiggle around.

Remains of one of these monsters can be found and photographed in a cave next to Black Isle, and counts as completing the entry for purposes of the Science Center side-quest. Since the boss versions are completely destroyed when they are defeated, the skeleton is included as a way to get a photograph of Teratosaurus Imperator if all three bosses have already been defeated.