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  • Scientific Name: Taurus sapiens (Bovine humanoid);
  • Fact: They stand almost twice as tall as an average human;
  • Location: Only one at the Akuda Bar;
  • Worth: 350 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Thank you so much for all the important information..."


Taurus sapiens live peacefully with the other inhabitants of Hillys. There supposedly aren't many of them on the planet since Mo, the bartender at the Akuda Bar, is the only reported on Hillys.

Like their name indicates, bovine humanoids are bull or cow-like humans. Bulls have two horns on top of their heads, little but long ears, three fingers on each hand instead of five, and a long and flat (almost unnoticeable) nose. Their fur is white with brown markings, though it may be possible for them to come in many different colors. It is currently unknown how a cow humanoid looks like and if it shares all the characteristics of its male counterpart.

The species is obviously based on the real-life bull and cow species.