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System 4 Outer Space

System 4 is a Solar System within the Milky Way Galaxy that contains its Sun, the mining Planet Hillys and Hillys' orbiting moon Selene.

Beyond Good and Evil[]

In the first Beyond Good & Evil, the game took place entirely within System 4, beginning on Hillys with the last part of the game taking place on the Moon. Using the Beluga equipped with a Stellar Motor it was possible to traverse the space between these two celestial bodies.

Beyond Good and Evil 2[]

Not much is yet known about the role of System 4 in Beyond Good and Evil 2, however 'System 4' was confirmed to be written on the side of the M-Disk Knox acquired from Zhou Yuzhu in the E3 Announcement Trailer.


System 4 is home to at least 56 confirmed species of Animal, including DomZ, primarily on the planet Hillys, with some species of DomZ also inhabiting the DomZ base on the Moon. Furthermore, there is one known species that is known to live within the vacuum of space between these planets: Megaptera anaerobia, the oxygen-free humpback whale.