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Sus sapiens
  • Scientific Name: Sus sapiens (Swine humanoid);
  • Location: The pedestrian district of Hillys City;
  • Worth: 600 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "The inventory is coming along. Thanks again..."


The Swine humanoid is a pig-like human that lives amongst the rest of the population on Hillys. The only known specimen is Pey'j, which may indicate that the species is not native to the planet and comes from another part of the universe. The fact that it is the most rewarding humanoid to photograph may be a hint towards this.

The Sus sapiens have large snouts, a pair of floapy ears, and a pair of tusks protruding out of their mouth. It is currently unknown if females also have tusks. The pig humanoids have only three fingers on each hand instead of five. They are usually potbellied or obese and stand slightly shorter than a grown human. Because of their composition, they are restricted in their movements and can't climb over certain obstacles.


  • Sus sapiens closely resemble the domesticated pigs found on Earth.
  • It is the most rewarding sapiens to photograph;