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Miss Seven and Rufus in the Akuda Bar.

Seen in: Beyond Good & Evil


Miss Seven, or simply "Seven" is one of the hovercraft racers. She is a female homo sapien and her only physical appearance is in the Akuda Bar, where she is sitting at a table next to Rufus. She wears a white overall with red stripes; her hair being strapped in red bandana's--which is also the colours of her hovercraft racer. On the back of her overall is a '7' pressed, which refers to either her name or her racing number, or perhaps both.

Miss Seven appears to be either a shy girl, or arrogant--implying that she is ignoring Jade whenever she tries to start a conversation with her.


  • The colors of Miss Seven's hovercraft racer are identical to that of her outfit.
  • She does not have a voice-actor, though she can be spoken to.
  • She is only physically seen outside the races in the Akuda Bar.