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  • Scientific Name: Sarcophagus domzii (DomZ sacorphagus);
  • Fact: When defeated, their arms are torn off of their torso;
  • Location: At the Lighthouse shelter at the beginning of the game, the Nutripils factory, the entrance of the slaughterhouses sector;
  • Worth: 900 Units;
  • SC comment: (randomized) "Great, I can start a back-up."


Sarcophagus domzii are the bio-engineered sarcophagi (or sarcophaguses) that allow the DomZ to draw upon human life force. Humans and other sentient races are housed within their ribcage-like bodies where they are slowly drained of their energy. When captured, their victims enter some sort of trance: they lose all will to fight back and their eyes begin to glow an eerie blue. It is assumed that this comatose-like state is caused by the sarcophagi themselves, which probably seep a certain amount of energy from their prey in order to fuel their own movements. They were created with the sole purpose of collecting energy for the DomZ, making them and the High Priest live indefinitely.

The sarcophagi look like floating ribcages with two arms and a spine. They only have three fingers on each hand and can scale walls and ceilings without feeling the pull of gravity. To attack, they lunge forward and swipe the air with their claws. Jade can predict when they are about to attack by looking at their torso: their usually purple chests will turn bright blue. Although dangerous, the Sarcophogi domzii are quite fragile and can be defeated in just a few hits. They can also be called as reinforcements by the DomZ.

They seem to have the ability to materialize out of thin air, though this could be mistaken for teleportation. Whenever a sarcophagus erupts, a black hole-like sphere appears and dissipates almost instantly, leaving behind one of the DomZ creatures. They always attack in a group and are also deployed to Hillys on the meteors the DomZ armada often showers on the planet. They are encountered several times in the game, most notably while fighting a DomZ being.

They're obviously based on the real-life Egyptian sarcophagus used in ancient times as a coffin.