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The Synthetical-Atomic-Compressor (or S.A.C for short) is a backpack-like object used to carry other items.


The S.A.C's most common use is to digitalize objects and compress their atomic structure (like the Camera) and being able to carry them around without hindrance; within the S.A.C, the user can then un-digitialize the object into the real world again for use, some S.A.C's also have an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), as is shown by Secundo.

A S.A.C can also keep the data of vehicles, and other items like weapons that aren't digitilized within the S.A.C, it can also keep track of allies, their items (in an out of the S.A.C) and holds the data from photographs taken with the camera.

NPC's who have a S.A.C.[]

Both Pey'j and Jade have Synthetic-Atomic-Compressors, but Pey'j's version is different from Jade's version. Pey'j's S.A.C is green and doesn't have any AI, while Jade's S.A.C is brown and has Secundo as its AI.


  • "Sac" is French for bag.
  • There's no maximum number of items you can store in the S.A.C.
    • However: unused sound files found in the file indicate Jade saying: "I can't store anymore items in my S.A.C", creating the assumption that, in one incarnation of the game, Jade was limited to a maximum amount of items.
  • Even though Double H can hold items, he has no S.A.C.