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  • Scientific Name: Rhinoceros sapiens (Rhino humanoid);
  • Fact: The terms "rhino" and "keras" mean "horned nose" in Greek;
  • Location: Only at Mammago Garage;
  • Worth: 300 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Good work..."


The only Rhinoceros sapiens specimens found in the game are the three brothers at Mammago Garage. Though she is never seen in the game, it is assumed that the boys' mother is also a rhino humanoid.

Like their name implies, these humanoids look like rhinoceros. They stand taller than adult humans, have thick and entirely gray skin, incredibly small ears and an upright horn on the tip of their nose. They also have three fingers on each hand instead of five. They appear to be naturally bald, but one of the brothers is seen with dark brown dreads under his hat (though he could be wearing a wig). They seem to hail from a place similar to (or that is) Jamaica since they have a Jamaican accent and their garage is painted with the national green, yellow and red colors.

They are obviously based on the real-life rhinoceros of Africa and southern Asia.