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  • Scientific Name: Rattus albus (Albino rat);
  • Fact: It is the only albino species present on Hillys;
  • Location: Nutripils factory, Alpha Sections underground quarters;
  • Worth: 750 units;
  • SC Comment: (randomized) "Great, I can start a back-up."


The albino rat (or simply white rat) is an elusive creature that is a lot more bashful than its cousin, the common giant rat. The first one encountered in the game hides in a ventilation shaft in the Nutripils factory. The second is inside the Alpha Sections underground quarters accessible through a canal outside the city (though this one is simply white and not albino). Whenever it hears someone approaching, the rat from the factory will scurry away. Jade must sneak up on it in order to snap a shot.

Like its name indicates, this rat is entirely white (the one in the underground quarters is also white, except for its brown belly). It has a long snout, a little pink nose, long flat ears, red eyes, and a thick worm-like tail. It is always seen alone, though specimens of its cousin species are never too far.

It is based on the real-life albino rat often used for laboratory experiments.