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  • Scientific Name: Rascax caeruleus (Sky fish);
  • Fact: They only appear in blue colors;
  • Location: Random spots while traveling the ocean by hovercraft;
  • Worth: 300 units;
  • SC comment: "From the same family as the scorpion fish... Very difficult to photograph."


The blue scorpion fish is an elusive animal that only appears in certain spots of Hillys' ocean. Whenever the hovercraft approaches a school of these, they will leap out of the water, giving Jade a great opportunity to snap a shot. They are indeed really difficult to photograph since they're always in motion. The Science Center also states that the blue scorpion fish is part of the scorpion fish family, which may indicate that different kinds of them exist, though they are never seen in the game.

The rascax's body is entirely blue with lighter webbed fins and tail. It has three pairs of sky-blue eyes, hence its name. It always travels in a group of five or more specimens, his jump makes the water splash up, making a very beautiful scene for the photo, being one of the most beautiful animals in the game.

It may be based on the real-life dolphin due to its habit of springing out of the water and its strident cry.