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  • Pterolimax Gigantea
    Scientific Name:
    Pterolimax gigantea (Giant winged slug);
  • Fact: It is the second most rewarding creature to photograph;
  • Location: Deepest point of the mines on Black Isle;
  • Worth: 3000 units;
  • SC Comment: "Pterolimax!! It's one of the DomZ creatures!!"


The Pterolimax is a gigantic slug-like creature with wings and a webbed tail. It's the creature Jade is instructed to photograph for Mr. de Castillac at the beginning of the game. It built its nest in the deepest part of Black Isle and becomes extremely violent when protecting it. Although the Science Center claims this giant slug is issued from the DomZ, it oddly has no physical similarities to the alien race or their other bio-engineered creations.

The place where the battle is fought

The Pterolimax' skin is white and speckled with brownish red spots. It has extremely sharp fangs, some even growing inside its jaw in a similar fashion than the real-life shark. It can also move its eyes independently from each other. This can cause the illusion that the eyes are two different entities when the head is hidden. It has a pearl embedded on top of its forehead that Jade can claim once she defeats it.

When engaged in combat, the winged slug tries to confuse its foes by hiding into holes it carved in the ground. It can shoot acid bubbles of water from its mouth and swirls its head violently if its enemies get too close. It also flies above its prey and exhales toxic gas that can knock them down in an instant. When struggling, it can call other creatures (such as the crochax or stinging jellyfish) to act as a distraction.

Its winged appearance may be based on the Clione limacina, a winged sea snail (also called sea angel).