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  • Scientific Name: Priodontes campestris (Field armadillo);
  • Fact: They can stand on their hind legs;
  • Location: Right outside the Lighthouse, entrance of Black Isle mine shaft;
  • Worth: 150 units;
  • SC Comment: "A field armadillo... They're becoming very rare..."


The Priodontes campestris is a small creature that has made its home on peaceful islands such as Black Isle or the Lighthouse shelter. One can be found right outside Jade's home and another near the tree at the edge of the bluff. Their diet is mainly composed of bugs, and as such are always seen foraging the ground.

The bodies of the field armadillos are a bright orange, but they also have barbed tails and incredibly sharp armor that can repel predators. They're very docile and usually mind their own business. The two specimens on Jade and Pey'j's island and the one on Black Isle are the only ones seen in the entire game. The reason for their dwindling numbers is never specified, but the destruction of their habitat because of the DomZ meteors could be an important factor.

They are obviously based on the real-life armadillo with which they share many characteristics.