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Ship AI

“Negativo, mi amor. Only you can melt my circuits.”


  • Name: Primera
  • Occupation: Ship AI
  • Gender: Identifies as Female
  • Relations: Dakini (captain), Knox (crew member), Yaashan (crew member), Callum (crew member), Uma (crew member), Pey'j (crew member)
  • Species: Artificial Intelligence
  • Home: The Gada
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Distinguishing Features: Can be seen operating through a cybernetic skull.


This smooth-talking brainiac has a thing for Callum, with whom she’s seen playing chess on the engineering deck. She can be found at different locations throughout the ship attending to the crew’s needs.

Her name means "first", the feminine version of "primero". This relates to the name of Secundo, Jade and Pey'j's AI, whose name means "second".