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  • Scientific Name: Planaria rupestris (Flatworm snail);
  • Fact: It has the ability to regenerate lost body parts;
  • Location: Inside Black Isle's mine shaft;
  • Worth: 500 units;
  • SC Comment: "Planaires detest the light... It's rare that they come out of their lair."


The planaire is an elusive creature that makes its lair in the ceiling of Black Isle's mine. It only appears at the end of the main shaft, inside a room with a desk and an Mdisk decrypter locked by a large gate. Jade must first cut the electric supply by kicking an electrical power box in order to lure the planaire out. The Science Center states that it's very sensitive to sunlight.

This creature moves around by gliding through the air thanks to its completely flat and thin blue body. Oddly enough, the tip of its head glows like a light bulb.

This animal is based on the real-life flatworm of the same family.