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Three Coconut Monty master / IRIS Network recruiter
Homo sapiens
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Disambiguous - This article is about the character Peepers. For information regarding the Coconut Shell Game, see Coconut Shell Game.
“Keep up the good work, sugar, and one day you just might come out of your shell!!”

Peepers is an old man that spends most of his days collecting money in the Akuda Bar-- Where he holds a booth on the upper level of the bar and challenges anyone to a game of Three Coconut Monty. Mysterious and a bit of a smooth talker, Peepers rarely gets directly to the point. Whenever he speaks, it is often in riddles, and doesn't expect people to understand or find an answer to his words. He even seems to take pleasure in teasing them since he often laughs after telling a riddle. He also smokes a pipe.

In reality, he's an agent for the IRIS Network and is tasked to find potential recruits for the rebellion. He will only answer as an IRIS agent once the password is spoken. Due to his age, he won't be sent out on missions-- he is also never seen outside of the Akuda Bar.


Though his age is never specified, it is obvious that Peepers is quite old. He spends his entire time at his booth playing Three Coconut Monty. While at his booth in the Akuda Bar, Peepers acts like he is completely blind. He moves his head around, unable to focus on a certain point, and even relies on smell to identify people who come to him. When Jade comes around, he identifies her as someone raising pigs by the ocean. However, it is soon revealed that he is, in fact, able to see, though that doesn't stop him from wearing his sunglasses indoors.


  • "Step right up, little lady. Come try your luck at Peepers."
  • (identifying Jade by smell) "Mm... this light odor... You raise pigs by the ocean."
  • "We're bound to meet up again, Missy. You've got the gift, hahaha!!"
  • (about Jade's talent) "Hehe... You'd have to be blind not to see it!!"


  • The name "Peepers" (a colloquial term for 'eyes') is actually an alias, though Peepers' real name is never revealed.
  • He is the only character shown to be a smoker.