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Disk game

Objective of the Game[]

Each player starts off with four pallets on their side, with a wall with a curved opening in the middle between each player's area. The player must get all pallets, their own and their opponents, onto their opponents side. The player will have control of one pallet at a time, and must point it towards the opening using the analogue sticks, and shoot it in order to try and get it in their opponents side, this is repeated with all pallets inside the players side until all pallets are in the other side. However, the opponent, Francis, is also trying to do this, so he will attempt to shoot his pallets into your side, and so you must race against him and any pallets he shoots into yourside, you must get rid of them and shoot back into his side, whilst also getting rid of your own, and vice versa for your opponent. Who gets rid of all pallets from their side, and gets all of them on their opponents side wins the round. The game best out of three rounds, so the first player to win two rounds wins.


Training- No risks, no bets, just for fun.

Bet 100- Each player bets 100 credits and whoever wins walks away with 200.

Bet 1000 against the Pearl- Jade bets 1000 credits, and if she wins walks away with Francis' lucky pearl and her bet.


  • Francis wears his lucky Pearl on his hoop hat.
  • If you bet 100 and win multiple times, Francis will state that he's out of credit and will not bet 100 again for a while.
  • If you watch Francis play the game, he will seem to be playing against an invisible opponent.
  • If you do not have enough credit to bet 100 a message will appear saying "You gotta have a minimum of units,doll." and if you do not have enough to bet 1000 against the pearl he will say "Ah...I don't take credit."
  • Despite playing with 'Pallets' according to Francis, the achievement 'Gamble King 2' says "Win 3 times in the pellet game against Francis" both names for the game are likely feasible
  • The pallets that are being played with have a symbol similar to the Alpha Sections logo on them, excluding the lightning bolts.
  • The Pallet Game is similar to Air Hockey but there are more pucks to hit and there are no 'goals' on the player's side of the table for the pucks to enter.