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  • Scientific Name: Palinurus rupestris (Spiny lobster);
  • Fact: Their hatchlings look just like them, except they lack spikes on their backs;
  • Location: In the ancient mines on Black Isle, Vorax's lair;
  • Worth: 900 units;
  • SC Comment: "Incredible! There are still palinuruses in the region!!"


The palinuruses are a species only found in the deepest caves of Black Isle's mine shaft and in the vorax lair. They like moist places and live in large groups. They lay their eggs in clusters on the ground, which make them vulnerable to predators and clumsy feet. When outsiders enter their territory, the adult specimens will swarm on them and drive them away in order to protect their young. They use their sharp claws to swipe their foes and also to protect themselves from attacks. They take a few hits to defeat, but can also be driven off ledges.

The Palinurus rupestris vary in size, but they usually reach the height of a grown human adult. They have two blue globulous eyes that glow yellow in the dark. Their bodies are entirely blue, except for their armored backs and claws, which are a light brown. Because sharp and armored spikes come out of their spines, these creatures can get stuck to a cave wall when Jade thrusts them backward hard enough. When they walk, they slightly tip from side to side because of their rather plump figure.

They are based on the real-life spiny lobster of the same genus.