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"Pocket-Optimizer-Drone", or more informally known as simply 'P-O-D' is a mechanical-device used for restoring taken-damage to any vehicular kind of transport and machinery.

Hillys --as a mining planet, depends greatly on its mining resources and therefore machinery has to be functioning. Thanks to the P-O-D, Hillys is able to continue its mining plans instantenously. Because of this, P-O-D's can be found and purchased practically everywhere on Hillys.

Set Of Pods


The P-O-D can be used before, during and after working procedures, though it is always recommended to start with a fully-restored machine. Jade can use these devices on her vehicles.

P-O-D and Set of P-O-D's[]

P-O-D is used for small machinery that are stationed on non-hazerdous--or little hazerdous-- places. The P-O-D is less expensive than a Set of P-O-D's, and therefore only restores the gauge of machinery by one wrench.

Set of P-O-D's are can be used for small and large machinery that are traversing through hazerdous places. A Set of P-O-D's are more expensive than a single P-O-D, but they fully restore the gauge of the particular machine and are technically more cost-effective then P-O-D's.


  • All P-O-D devices are compatible with vehicles
  • It has been known that the Hillyan military makes use of P-O-D devices.
  • It is unknown who manufactures these devices, and how they are being spread.