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The old slaughtherhouses were once used for food production and processing for the people of Hillys, but was closed since the alpha sections took control. Since then nobody knows whats going on over there. Nobody is allowed to come near the slaughterhouse, and the Alpha sections placed lasers to keep civilians away. The player can only reach the slaughterhouse by buying a jumpkit from the Mammago garage and then partipating in one of the races. There is a rumour there is a crack in one of the walls where you can enter the real slaughterhouse. Although the IRIS network knows something is going on over there, it is unknown what.

Iris Mission[]

After the mission in the factory, Jade is sent by The IRIS network to take pictures of the human torture in the slaughterhouses. After Jades purchase of a Jump Kit of 15 pearls, shes ready to go to the slaughterhouses. She slips through the lasers and enters the races. (3 and 4) she comes out the surrounding wall into the Slaughterhouse Road where she encounters a giant Alpha Section metallic spider of sorts, which is also encountered on the moon. After infiltrating the sector, she does the mission, takes the pictures, then leaves with her companion.

The mission is about revealing to the public about the human torture and DomZ Sarcophagi in the sector which is used to package the prisoners who had been kidnapped. The central hall is where all this happens.