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Location: System 4 / Hillys

Seen in: Beyond Good & Evil

Prior to the war on Hillys in 2435, the Nutripils Factory Enterprise was once a large-scale operating company on Hillys. The company specializes in the production of nutrition supplements, marketed as various dietary products, such as K-Bups, and transports them from the factory. The factory is located near the north gate of Hillys City.

To enter this factory, the hovercraft must have Neutralizing Cannon upgrade to shoot down the Alpha Section security robot. Otherwise, it'll be sucked up like a magnet and placed back outside the factory parameter.


Nutripils entrance

Nutripils Factory entrance.

The Nutripils Factory is a vast complex which has a central plexus spanning deep under the ground, as well as a large tower-like structure which is capped by a landing pad above the ground. The only way into the factory building is via the main entrance, which is heavily guarded by armed Alpha Sections patrols. This level of security is omnipresent throughout the base, with even tighter security to be found at the core sections such as "Packaging" (where victims are bundled into cargo containers) and "Transport" (where the containers are loaded for shipping to the slaughterhouses). Inside this factory, the elevator room is guarded by a Cyclopeus palustris.

Factory Part 1[]

Jade and Pey'j must rescue Double H from inside the factory from being tortured by a Spirit Eater. After releasing him, Jade finds out that a Cyclopeus palustris has noticed them and taken Pey'j as the hostage. After defeating the creature, they can get the pearl at the bottom level of elevator room with a hovercraft.

Jade obtains a Triangular Key to retrieve the batteries for the elevator and later can be used to open up various doors.

Factory Part 2[]

Pey'j gets attacked by the Alpha Section units and gets "packaged". From that point, Jade must infiltrate through the factory sections to try to rescue him and take photo proof that the Alpha Section is actually controlled by DomZ.

During this mission, Jade obtains a Square Keycard to access various doors and later can be used to enter the shed in Pedestrian District.


  • This is considered the second mission of the game, as the first is located in Black Isle.
  • The presence of the Spirit Eater is much stronger in this level, especially when the player sees a DomZ commander executed for negligence at the end of the level (before the final boss fight), implying that the Spirit Eater is in true command.