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The Nazh were an alien civilization of unknown origins, and served as the main antagonist faction in one incarnation of Beyond Good & Evil, fundamentally replacing the DomZ.

The Nazh made a pact with the Hyllian people, supplying them with generous amounts of energy (from Materia), in order to prepare themselves for the upcoming war with the DomZ, a race of extra-hyllian species that is unjustly propagated to be 'bloodthirsty' by both the Nazh and the Alpha Section.

A Nazh spaceship-cocoon was located on a military base on Hyllis' moon, where kidnapped Hyllians were shipped to be imprisoned and "psychologically conditioned", and ultimately sent through a portal at the bottom of the cocoon-ship, presumably leading into the Nazh homeworld. The whole process was overseen by several Nazh priests.

In the end, after Jade and the others broadcast a report exposing the trafficking operations of the Nazh and Alpha Sections and rescue the shipment of kidnapped Hyllians, the Nazh priests trigger the countdown for the destruction of the lunar base and leave on the spaceship-cocoon.