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Nautilus Fluoreus
  • Scientific Name: Nautilus fluoreus (Fluorescent cephalopod);
  • Location: Inside the Black Isle mine shaft;
  • Worth: 500 units;
  • SC Comment: "My mathematic colleagues are fascinated by nautilus shells..."


The nautilus fluoreus is a rare creature; only four living beings have ever been sighted on Hillys. Their home is on Black Isle, in the main shaft of the mine situated there. Even with its big shell, It can camouflage itself by hiding with the fluorescent plants that have grown on its territory. It is a docile and pacific creature that will run away from any kind of conflict. It is very protective of its offsprings.

Its spiral shell is of a dark brown color with yellow strikes. The soft part of its body is a glowing white. It doesn't swim, but rather floats in the air. It moves around slowly, using its tentacles to thrust itself forward.