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The soundtrack of Beyond Good & Evil was composed by Christophe Héral. Héral was hired by Ancel to compose the soundtrack of Beyond Good & Evil due to his background in film.


  1. In The Beginning
  2. Dancing With Domz
  3. Home Sweet Home
  4. Hillyan Suite
  5. Mammago's Garage
  6. Isle de Noir
  7. Mineshaft Madness
  8. Say Cheese, Fellas
  9. Akuda House Propaganda
  10. Ancient Chinese Secrets
  11. Don't Fear the Reaper
  12. Fear the Reaper
  13. Fun and Mini-Games
  14. Funky Bar 100
  15. When Domz Attack
  16. Slaugherhouse Scramble
  17. Sneaky Jade Suite
  18. Organic Beauty
  19. Violent Jade Suite
  20. Heart of Darkness
  21. Metal Gear Domz
  22. Something Completely Different
  23. Behing Enemy Lines
  24. Free Your Mind
  25. Thoughtful Reflections
  26. Enfants Disparus
  27. Above and Beyond
  28. Unacceptable Losses
  29. In Hot Pursuit

You can download the OST for free, including the piece 'Final Suite' here.

Other Music[]

Other than the official soundtrack, other pieces of musical audio were not included, most of these can be found on the internet but most notably 'Final Suite', the music played during the last cutscene (not the epilogue cutscene).


  • Hubert Chevillard, a director that Ancel had worked with, had also worked with Héral on a television special, The Pantin Pirouette, and referred him to Ancel. Héral was assisted by Laetitia Pansanel, who orchestrated the pieces, and his brother Patrice Héral, who performed some of the sound effects and singing.
  • The soundtrack incorporates a wide variety of languages and instruments from around the world. Mainly Bulgarian lyrics were chosen for the song "Propaganda", which plays in the game's Akuda Bar, to allude to the Soviet propaganda of the Cold War. It uses a recording of a telephone conversation by Héral with a female Bulgarian friend to represent the government's control of the media. It also incorporates Arabic string instruments and Indian percussion. "Fun and Mini-games", a song that plays during hovercraft races and other mini-games, includes Spanish lyrics. The lyrics for DomZ music were created from a fictional language with prominent rolling "r" sounds.
  • A song called "Funky Mullah" was originally planned to be used in the Akuda Bar, but it was replaced by "Propaganda" because Héral decided that its muezzin vocals, recorded on September 8, 2001, would have been in bad taste in the wake of the September 11 attacks.
  • The crashing metal sound effects of "Metal Gear DomZ", music played during a boss fight, were recorded from the son of Héral's neighbor playing with scrap metal. The voices in the city of Hillys were also recorded by Héral himself.
  • The music has never been published as an album, though it has been released in its entirety as a free download by Ubisoft. The soundtrack is featured in the Video Games Live international concert tour.